8 helpful tools for franchisees to get the most out of their business


For franchisees, there is already a lot of support from franchisors these days. However, there are still numerous points and tasks that a franchisee, like any other entrepreneur, must plan and organize themselves. There are now some digital tools on the market for this purpose, which can significantly relieve franchisees of their daily work or even make the company more successful. By way of example, we have summarized some of these options in the following summary.

We took a closer look at many of the digital tools available online and finally picked out some of the top tools as helpers for franchisees and entrepreneurs:

  • Calendly
  • monday.com
  • Feedly
  • YouSign
  • sevDesk
  • Slack
  • Jimdo
  • Google Drive


Calendly is a particularly helpful tool for personal customer support. Not just a simple calendar, but also able to arrange individual customer appointments. And it can be synchronized with almost all common digital calendars and integrated into them. An automated confirmation of appointments and the sending of reminders are also part of the broad repertoire of this helpful tool.


This tool is particularly suitable when diverse teams have to work together. It is a tool for property management and is cloud-based. It plans tasks and tracks the associated progress accordingly. The project work can be evaluated continuously and in detail. A graphic evaluation rounds off the monday offer.


With Feedly the entrepreneur always stays up to date. The tool, designed precisely for the desired industry, supplies the entire Internet with news in this area. In this way you can be kept up to date on news or new developments from the competition relatively quickly and react quickly if necessary. In any case, you always stay up to date with your division and the tool filters out the most important information and delivers it to the management or the franchisee.

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Signing contracts and signing documents can be challenging for the franchisee, their business partners and customers. A lot of bureaucracy, which in turn takes up a lot of time. This is where the Yousign tool comes into play. It offers the possibility to create the signatures digitally. And that according to the legally compliant standard. Incoming documents can be signed by the franchisee with just a few clicks. The same also applies to the opposite. If the entrepreneur sends an invitation to his business partner to sign a document, this step can also be carried out within a few seconds. This tool can therefore relieve a lot of bureaucratic work and is a significant time saver. It is worthwhile for every interested franchisee to take a look. The company offers newcomers the opportunity to test the tool and its functions in peace and quiet free of charge. A test period of currently 14 days is available to new customers for this purpose.


This tool is located in the focus of commercial task management. In addition to the creation of invoices, as far as there is nothing against it from the franchisor, a large part of the bookkeeping can also be handled here. The tool also masters double-entry bookkeeping. And classic paper receipts are digitized and available within a very short time thanks to the integrated scan functionality. Evaluations can be printed out directly from the tool with just one click. An online banking function and dunning can also be controlled directly from this tool if required. If you work with a merchandise management system, you can also have this entered into it if necessary. Overall, a very multifaceted and valuable tool that is made available to entrepreneurs here.

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Nowadays, many companies also exchange important news and information with the help of specially created chats or in social media. The Slack tool is ideal for linking and bundling all of these different options. This allows communication to be channeled and controlled in a targeted manner using chats and social media. The groups to be created can be accessed via email and a password. All employees of these communication groups always stay up to date and the franchisor and entrepreneur always has an overview thanks to this simple yet solid method.


Today your own web presence is more important than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, customers have the opportunity to look for the cheapest and most attractive offer and to shop at low prices. With the help of Jimdo, franchisees can work according to a modular system and easily create their own website. As a franchisee, you do not need any programming knowledge, so you can easily present your company on the Internet. In addition, content can be updated quickly and various marketing strategies can be applied. At Jimdo, the number of websites is limited and for this reason this tool is particularly suitable if you run a small business (e.g. online shop) and want to market it on the Internet. If the company has already taken on significantly larger proportions, it is advisable to open your own website without using the help of service providers such as Jimdo. The big advantage for young entrepreneurs who pay attention to the money and have to save it as much as possible is the fact that a website can be opened here for free.

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Google Drive

Accessing company-specific data has never been easier than with Google Drive. After all, in the past, companies had to set up their own company network in order to exchange data between employees. Nowadays the whole thing looks different, because it is sufficient if you use Google Drive, for example. This tool is a file hosting system from the American Internet service provider “Google”, which should probably be known to every entrepreneur or private person. Google Drive also gives you a cloud in which you can save data and call it up at any time. In this way, information can be shared, documents can be edited by several people at the same time and access is made possible from anywhere in the world. The encryption is carried out using so-called HTTPS and TLS security standards, so as an entrepreneur you can be quite sure that the data is kept well protected. All you need to access, manage and save new documents is a device that has an Internet connection.

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