Brand Communication on Social Media: Tips for Franchisees


There are big differences in different industries when it comes to the availability and loyalty of potential customers. In some industries, more customers can be reached via traditional channels, digitally based companies rely more on online marketing. This also applies to franchisees who do not build a brand, but who practice brand management. In the following guest post, you will learn what franchisees who engage in social media marketing should look out for.

What is a franchisee?

The recipient acquires the right to conduct business from the giver. A franchising relationship is created, the one permanent cooperation between legally independent partners provides. The method is intended to give a franchisee the opportunity to do comparable business under the name or brand of a successful company. This has a positive effect on the size, level of awareness and image of a company.

The franchisee buys the rights of use for the business concept, brand, know-how, etc. from the franchisor through financial services.

Right franchises …

The brand is strong, the business model is successful and the corporate identity comes across well on all channels – online and offline. The franchisor is originally responsible for this because he built the company. However, as soon as franchise companies are founded, a franchisee must also pay attention to digital brand management and maintenance as well as to corporate culture.

It is particularly important to determine precisely before the franchise relationship begins: whether the franchisor or the franchisee is responsible for local marketing. After all, a franchise company can be viewed as a local offshoot of a parent company. The marketing measures should reflect this relationship on all channels.

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Franchisees undertake to always take into account customer loyalty, quality assurance and preservation of the corporate identity. For digital brand management and communication, attention must also be paid to uniformity in the social media strategy. In the course of this, the question arises to what extent franchisees are actually obliged to Online marketing for your own business to operate.

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Franchisors set the Dealing with the corporate identity determine the corporate design and the corporate wording. The franchisees must be given clear guidelines on how much freedom they have in dealing with the aspects.

Marketing strategies are often based on one regional or supraregional approach:

  • The franchisee operates regional marketing (always with the corporate identity in mind)
  • The franchisor operates supraregional marketing (due to the strength of the parent company’s brand)

This results in the following aspects that (prospective) Franchisees should considerif you want to successfully do local marketing on social media:

  • Customer proximity
  • interaction
  • Locality
  • added value
  • Personal branding
  • Unique selling points

Customer proximity

A franchise is basically managed by the corporate identity of the parent company, but has the advantage that it is more focused as a smaller local branch the customers of the area can adjust. Local customer wishes and needs can be better covered by franchisees than by large, supraregional companies.


Social media allows franchisees to enter into a dialogue with their target groups and customers. It is advisable to regularly monitor social media channels for customer interaction. It is not enough to read positive and negative comments because Customers expect interaction and participation from the companies and brands of your choice. If there are known influencers in the area, then they should be brought on board.

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People search for companies – often based on location. So it is advisable to build on locality and pick up potential customers nearby. A local franchise page is promoted by Facebook as one Focus on local content rated as good will. In this way, content with a local focus gains more prominence in the social media feeds of (potential) customers and promotes the relationship between the franchise and the community in the area.

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Content with added value

Social media presences must be filled with high quality content. This is especially true for maintaining relationships with existing customers. Content that relates to the products offered in the range – for example tips on how to get even more out of the product – offer customers real added value. Here, too, influencers come into play to authentically advertise the products.

In terms of content, it must also be clarified which purpose is being pursued and which target group should be addressed. Because while Facebook relies on interaction and local networking, Twitter is used more for promotions, announcements and news. For visual content such as photos and videos, Instagram is a pioneer in social media marketing.

Personal branding

Which aspects are there that fit the general corporate philosophy, at the same time do not dilute the brand and still distinguish your own franchise from the international, delimit the impersonal image of the large company? It is important to find a promising mix of the strong brand of the franchisor and the personal ideas of the franchisee. Ideally, the personal branding goes well with the corporate identity.

Aspects that separate the franchisee’s company from the large parent company are important for retaining local customers. But it should be the same Uniformity in terms of the brand message and quality of the content offered are respected. Differences in quality lead to different experiences on the part of the customer, which in turn has a negative effect on the entire brand.

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Unique selling points

A personal touch is not only needed to differentiate yourself from a large company, but also at a local level. What distinguishes your own franchise from the others in the area? Are there aspects that give the franchise company uniqueness? It is important to work out a facet of the company that no other franchise has in the area, to emphasize it online and to underpin it with high-quality content.

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Budding entrepreneurs can use the franchise method benefit from the success and reach of an existing company. Before the relationship is entered into, it must be clarified in any case who is responsible for local marketing measures and what freedom consumers have in terms of brand communication on social media. The brand message should match the corporate identity of the parent company and still retain a personal touch.

Author: Keyvan Haghighat More

Keyvan Haghighat Mehr is COO & co-founder of the social media agency media by nature based in Hamburg. The company is 100% specialized in data-driven brand staging on social media and supports customers from the entire DACH region in taking their social media marketing to a new level. In this post, Keyvan shares his expert knowledge of modern brand communication on social media.

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