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Child benefit for students: this is important


Since January 1, 2016 there is for parents more child support – even if only two euros per offspring. The topic is particularly interesting for parents of studying children. Because the state benefit may still be granted to you if your children are on to a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s degree. And even if they earn really good money while studying. The career bible tells you when and for whom how much Child benefit to get…

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Child benefit for students: this is important

These are the basics: It has been available for the first and second child since the beginning of 2016 190 euros each, for the third 196 euros and for each other 221 euros. Payments are made up to the age of 18 and, under certain conditions, up to the age of 25.

Because: also for a adult child parents can Entitlement to child benefit assert. Namely when son or daughter …

  • in the School or vocational training is located.
  • a apprenticeship seeks.
  • on voluntary social or ecological year performs.
  • in a Transition period of a maximum of four months is located between two training phases.

Regardless, there is Child benefit beyond the 18th birthdayif the child cannot support himself because of a disability or unemployed and not yet 21 Years old. In individual cases, even if the offspring have one voluntary military service performs.

Child benefit for over 18s: Under these conditions

The legal situation has changed decisively in recent years, especially for students (or for the parents of students). So it says Tax Simplification Act 2011: “A child of legal age is generally taken into account until the completion of initial vocational training or a first degree.”

In concrete terms: If your 19-year-old son is completing a baker’s teacher or enrolling for a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, you will continue to receive child benefit for him. Incidentally, even if he works alongside his studies. Its exact Part-time income plays just as little a role as a possible one Bafög-related: As long as he is in a Initial training you will receive child benefit.

For comparison: Before the Tax Simplification Act came into force, the income limit was 8,004 euros per year. Anyone who earned more as a student at the time lost their entitlement to child benefit. Clear relief for parents and student children!

But: if the child’s studies fall into the “second vocational training” category, it will expire Entitlement to child benefit in certain circumstances. Examples of a second vocational training are: Your daughter starts studying after she has already completed an apprenticeship. Or your son is doing an apprenticeship after he has already trained as a paramedic as part of his voluntary social year. In these cases, there is only child benefit if your child does not work more than 20 hours a week on the side.

Child benefit for students: keep that in mind

On the other hand, if your child works longer, the job is considered the main activity – and there is no entitlement to child benefit. But there is no rule without exception: a mini job is harmless – or as it is called in official German: harmless. And: The activity is allowed to 20 hours per week on average do not exceed. Students who work 30 hours a week during the semester break and work down to ten hours during the semester, for example, do not lose their entitlement – as long as the 20 hours per week ON average.

Important: At the end of 2015, the Federal Fiscal Court ruled that a master’s degree, which is coordinated in terms of content and time with the previous bachelor’s degree, is to be assessed as a first and not as a second training. Consequence: the parents maintain their right to child benefit.

Child benefit: how to apply

The practical part: You apply for child benefit at the family benefits office of the Federal Employment Agency – usually at your place of residence. Important change: As of January 1, 2016, the application must also contain the child’s tax identification number. The tax ID is automatically sent to the parents after the birth. “If you want to receive child benefit, you have to give your family benefits office your tax identification number and the tax identification number of the child,” writes the Federal Central Tax Office on its website.

“Child benefit will continue to be paid even without submitting the tax identification number,” says the Federal Employment Agency. Objection from the authorities, but the main idea for parents: If possible, include the tax ID with the application.

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