Crypto Digital Downloads v1.0 PHP Script

Crypto Digital Downloads allows you to sell your digital products, no matter what CMS you use, our script generates a unique link to sell. Our script does not have a home page on which your products are exposed. The product can be found only through the link generated by our script. Crypto Digital Downloads use Wallet API to create an address, receive payments, and verify them.
  • Bootstrap 3 responsive design
  • API keys manager
  • Support Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin payments
  • Items manager
  • Orders history with detailed page
  • Promo codes for items
  • Automatic crypto rates
  • Automatic flat currency convertor to USD via mconvert API
  • The crypto price of the product is calculated at the time of order with the current price of the coin.
  • SMTP Settings manager
  • Change logo function
  • Upload via Browser
  • Upload via temp folder - Some hosting accounts have limit for post max file size and we add function to upload your file via FTP in temp folder and choose it when add item
  • Unique download link generator
  • Download time option

Item preview: 
Username: admin 
Password: admin
Server or Hosting requirements
  • Apache 2.2
  • Apache2 Mod_rewrite on
  • PHP 5.6 (Recommended), PHP 7 (not netive or inheat)
  • PHP Extensions: gmp, curl, mcrypt
  • MySQL DB Server

We provide free installation for each client, just sent support message to us.

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