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Historical past


Kryptonite is the identify given to shards of matter forged off from the planet Krypton after its destruction. Within the Pre-Disaster Continuity relying on the actual dimension resembling Earth-One, there have been many varieties and shades of Kryptonite, whereas others confirmed just one type resembling Earth-Two and Earth-Three.

Within the Put up-Disaster major New Earth universe there is just one type of Kryptonite, Inexperienced. All others types of Kryptonite within the New Earth dimension are artifically created from Inexperienced by sure methods to provide these different varieties, resembling radiation bombardment to speed up Inexperienced’s half-cycle into Purple. Luthor has profitable recreated Gold within the New Earth dimension which strips all energy processing of Kryptonians’ our bodies although seemingly is barely momentary in its impact and never everlasting not like the Pre-Disaster Earth One Gold Kryptonite. (Motion Comics Annual 11 (2008)

Different current realities such because the Time Trappers’ pocket dimension have naturally occuring alternate types of Kryptonite. However in all recognized cases presently, these Kryptonites solely impact Kryptonians who originate from the identical supply dimension.


Dimensions and Weight

  • Variable


Publicity to Kryptonite can wield all kinds of results relying upon its colour and current type.

Inexperienced Kryptonite

  • Inexperienced Kryptonite is the most typical type of Kryptonite. It exists primarily as a metallic ore, however can be present in crystalline varieties. Essentially the most debilitating side of inexperienced Kryptonite doesn’t stem a lot from the unrefined ore itself, however quite from the waves of radiation that it generates. Publicity to inexperienced Kryptonite radiation will enormously weaken a Kryptonian, robbing them of their powers. Extended publicity to inexperienced Kryptonite proves deadly. Over time, a Kryptonian could develop a slight immunity to the consequences of inexperienced Kryptonite, however in the end, inexperienced Okay radiation will poison the physique’s cell construction leading to demise. Inexperienced Kryptonite can also be lethal to regular people, however its results take longer to completely develop. Lex Luthor as soon as customary a small piece of Kryptonite right into a gemstone, which he fitted into a hoop. After sporting the ring for a number of months, the radiation produced cancerous growths in his hand, and he was compelled to amputate the diseased limb.
  • In Put up-Disaster continuity, Kryptonite was fashioned as a result of pure parts in Krypton fused collectively to type a brand new, radioactive ingredient. The ONLY pure type of Kryptonite was inexperienced.

Purple Kryptonite

  • Purple Kryptonite was as soon as Inexperienced Kryptonite that handed by a mysterious red-hued cloud en path to Earth. Purple Kryptonite inflicts random results on Kryptonians, usually creating an preliminary “tingling effect” in these affected. No two chunks of Purple Kryptonite have the identical impact. Purple Kryptonite results usually final for 24-48 hours (although generally so long as 72), after which the Kryptonian in query is at all times proof against that particular chunk of Purple Kryptonite. Superman has suffered the next results upon publicity to varied items of Purple Kryptonite:
  • Reworked right into a dragon
  • Reworked right into a non-powered big
  • Reworked right into a dwarf
  • Reworked into an ant-headed humanoid
  • Reworked right into a lunatic
  • Reworked into an amnesiac
  • Rendered briefly blind to something coloured inexperienced
  • Extreme hair progress
  • Lack of energy
  • Gained telepathy
  • Shedding his invulnerability alongside the left aspect of his physique
  • Generated an evil doppelganger (additionally used within the film

    Superman III


  • Unable to talk or write something however Kryptonese
  • Development of additional limbs
  • Lack of stability and guide dexterity
  • Psychological transference
  • Fast growing older
  • Persona alteration
  • In

    Put up-Disaster

    continuity, Purple Kryptonite doesn’t exist naturally. It first appeared as a man-made assemble of Mister Mxyzptlk that eradicated Superman’s powers.

  • A second selection was later revealed as an artificial variant created by Ra’s al Ghul, utilizing notes that he had stolen from Batman. That pink Okay was stated to have had an accelerated half-life (which brought on the colour change) and brought on Superman’s pores and skin to grow to be translucent, that means he had nothing regulating the extraordinary daylight he was absorbing.
  • The manmade Purple created by Luthor by radioactive manipulation of Inexperienced causes wild mutations in Kryptonian DNA by scrambling the pure replication within the cells that can lead to excessive adjustments within the uncovered particular person’s physique and construction and fluctuate extensively with very quick outcomes.
  • Within the first comedian look of kryptonite, the kryptonite seen was pink, however had the properties of inexperienced ok.

Gold Kryptonite

In Pre-Disaster continuity, Gold Kryptonite is without doubt one of the extra uncommon variations of Kryptonite discovered within the DC Universe, and usually exists within the type of a meteor floating by house. Gold Kryptonite has an efficient vary of two ft, and completely removes a Kryptonian’s super-powers. In lots of instances, a Kryptonian who has misplaced their super-powers to Gold Kryptonite could move comparable hereditary traits to their offspring. As such, their youngsters won’t develop superhuman talents below a yellow solar, as they’d had their dad and mom nonetheless maintained their powers. This attribute isn’t a relentless nonetheless, and it has been theorized some victims of Gold Kryptonite might be able to sire offspring born with pure Kryptonian talents. In some conditions, the consequences of Gold Kryptonite may also rob a sufferer of his reminiscence, as was the case with the Phantom Zone legal, Quex-Ul. A brief antidote was as soon as developed that negated the consequences of Gold Kryptonite for a brief time frame. Superman as soon as encountered Gold Kryptonite when he needed to race in opposition to the Flash throughout the countless reaches of the Universe. Gold Kryptonite additionally performed key roles in a number of non-canon tales, together with the 1986 story

  • In

    Put up Disaster

    continuity, Kryptonite solely impacts Kryptonians that originate from the identical actuality. Superman as soon as visited a

    Pocket Universe

    whereby he found that three Kryptonian conquerors had devastated the Earth, in the end conquering it. Superman used gold Kryptonite to take away their powers. Though the criminals have been thus apprehended, Superman elected to finish their lives by exposing them to Inexperienced Kryptonite, as that they had destroyed a whole world and have been threatening to take action to his personal Earth.

  • Luthor’s manmade Gold Kryptonite works principally just like the Pre-Disaster Gold however the interferring results are solely momentary not like the Pre-Disaster Gold. However as not too long ago proven, if a Kryptonian is utilizing their superhuman talents in any dangerious impact on the time they uncovered to this manmade Gold Okay, these uncovered Kryptonians will likely be rendered utterly powerless and might die from the scenario they’re in on the time of their depowering resembling Zod’s followers who attacked Metallo. The size of time of the interference is presently unknown, and its efficient vary seemss restricted to solely be inside a brief distance of some yards.

White Kryptonite

  • White Kryptonite was apparently dangerous to plant-life.
  • Doesn’t exist in Put up-Disaster continuity.

Yellow Kryptonite

Yellow Kryptonite was a part of a hoax masterminded by Lex Luthor.

Black Kryptonite

  • In

    Put up Disaster

    continuity, Black kryptonite was not too long ago utilized by Lex Luthor on the behest of Darkseid to reveal

    Kara Zor-EL

    ‘s true “nature”

Silver Kryptonite

  • In #70, silver kryptonite is a part of a joke performed by Jimmy to have fun Superman’s silver anniversary. It doesn’t have any powers, it’s only a prop.
  • In Put up-Disaster continuity, silver Kryptonite demonstrates sure mystical properties which can be of nice worth to the supernatural group. Two recognized samples of this “magic kryptonite” have been cast right into a pair of dual medallions often called the Ach-om Rashay – the Amulet of Mindfulness. One half of the amulet was positioned inside a volcano on

    Dinosaur Island

    whereas its twin was cast right into a stone pill discovered on the

    Oblivion Bar

    . For Kryptonians, publicity to silver Kryptonite yields results just like that of Hashish on a human being. These affected by it expertise a lack of inhibition, altered perceptions, excessive starvation cravings and a few psychotropic hallucinations.

Blue Kryptonite

Blue Kryptonite in Pre-Disaster continuity, Superman as soon as used a Bizarro Duplicator Ray on a chunk of Inexperienced Kryptonite reworking it into Blue Kryptonite. He then used the altered Blue Kryptonite to halt a military of advancing Bizarros. Blue Kryptonite solely impacts Bizarros and is innocent to people and Kryptonians.

  • In Put up-Disaster Continuity, like Bizarro himself Blue Kryptonite is reverse to the extra widespread inexperienced selection, it’s going to make kryptonian primarily based Bizarros (see


    ) extremely smart (as much as twelfth stage mind) a course of that appears to scare Bizarro and his ilk.

  • Put up

    Infinite Disaster

    Blue Kryptonite seems to have reverted again to it is unique type because it has been seen (as of Motion Comics Annual #10) to have an effect on Bizarro in a painful method harking back to the impact that Inexperienced Kryptonite has on Superman.

Pink Kryptonite

In #79, when Linda Danvers takes the unique Kara Zor-El’s place and arrives within the Pre-Disaster period, there’s a comical scene the place Superman is seemingly uncovered to Pink Kryptonite, with the implication that it briefly turned him homosexual.

Purple Kryptonite

In an early look of kryptonite ( #171, 1950), the kryptonite that appeared was purple, nevertheless it acted like inexperienced. Some speculate that purple could have been an extremely uncommon model of kryptonite that disappeared, however the possibilities of this are unlikely and it’s almost definitely due to author’s indecision over colour.

Kryptonite-X or Kryptisium

Professor Hamilton coined this time period to consult with the change that occurred to the Kryptonite that the Cyborg Superman blasted the Eradicator with when it handed by the latter and struck Superman. As a substitute of being deadly, it restored Superman’s powers. Sadly, it additionally apparently clung to him and brought on him to soak up photo voltaic vitality at a quickly accelerated price, finally inflicting his powers to go uncontrolled and his physique to construct extra mass. Superman was purged of it after battling the Parasite. To not be confused with X-Kryptonite.

Gradual Kryptonite

Gradual Kryptonite is a wide range of kryptonite produced by Metallo that impacts people. Why it’s referred to as “Slow Kryptonite” is as a result of the rays despatched out by regular Kryptonite are “fast” (excessive in frequency) and synced with the accelerated kryptonian physique. Gradual Kryptonite, which releases “slow” rays, is synced with a sluggish human physique, permitting it to have an effect on it.

Kryptonite Plus

Kryptonite Plus was a batch of 30 or so multi-colored stones that have been left behind by aliens, who stated that they have been “Kryptonite Plus” or Extremely-Kryptonite. They have been really Tikron stones.


Magno-Kryptonite is a variation of kryptonite that tracks objects from Krypton. It apparently impacts folks from Krypton as properly, and never even the energy of Superman or Bizarro can escape.

Jewel Kryptonite

Jewel Kryptonite possesses the power to amplify the psychic powers of individuals within the Phantom Zone.


Pre-Disaster: Anti-Kryptonite does nothing to hurt super-powered Kryptonians, however has the identical results of regular inexperienced ok on non-super-powered Kryptonians.

Put up-Disaster that is the formal identify of the kryptonite supply of the primary antimatter universe that the reformated Clark Kent of the Crime Syndicate of AmeriKa is powered by. That is very totally different from the second Antimatter Ultraman and lengthy lifeless Earth-Three Ultraman who’re each powered by the identical Kryptonite that harms Superman. Anti-Kryptonite from the primary antimatter universe of Crime Syndicate of AmeriKa has no impact on matter primarily based Kryptonians.

Bizarro Purple Kryptonite

This selection impacts people the identical approach pink kryptonite impacts kryptonians.


X-Kryptonite (in Pre-Disaster solely) is an artificial kryptonite that granted Streaky superpowers.

Blood Kryptonite

In 52, the Cult of Conner – a non secular sect devoted to resurrecting Superboy, employed “Blood Kryptonite” in a preliminary ritual to resurrect Sue Dibny. Whereas bodily resembling Inexperienced Kryptonite, the “Blood” variant drains a portion of life drive from current attendees, supposed to direct this vitality in the direction of an effigy of the deceased as a part of a Kryptonian resurrection ceremony. It’s later revealed that this was a manipulation of Felix Faust and the rock was both common inexperienced Kryptonite or not Kryptonite in any respect.

Purple and Inexperienced Kryptonite

An artificial kryptonite created by Brainiac that mutated Superman, this selection made him develop a 3rd eye on the again of his head. Superman tricked Brainiac together with his mutation, nonetheless, as he waited for his return (he went into house to watch the change) and allowed everybody on Earth to consider the ok made him go mad, as he would by no means seem with no hat, and he would act out a hat’s properties to unravel crime. He additionally used this to cowl his eye. Brainiac attacked Superman with a dunce cap, however Superman used the drive of all three eyes to make use of his warmth imaginative and prescient to dissolve Brainiac’s drive subject. He then took Brainiac into custody. It seems the inexperienced ok in pink/inexperienced kryptonite does nothing, though the mutation did last more than 24 hours, maybe indicating the inexperienced ok amplified the consequences.


  • The Kryptonite idea was first developed by Superman co-creator,

    Jerry Siegel

    for an unpublished Superman story. In Siegel’s unique imaginative and prescient, the lethal mineral was often called Okay-Metallic.

  • The primary use of Kryptonite was really in an unaired episode of the Adventures of Superman radio dramatization. The primary comedian e book look of Kryptonite was in Superman #61.


  • Kryptonite can be utilized as a strong vitality supply.

In Different Media


  • Within the continuity of the tv collection, inexperienced Kryptonite has the identical results on younger Clark Kent because it does on his comedian e book counterpart. Its results on regular Earth people is wildly extra unpredictable. A daily human uncovered to inexperienced Kryptonite could undergo from any variety of genetic mutations. Some develop momentary super-powers, others go insane, and a few exhibit no unwanted effects in any way.
  • Purple Kryptonite causes extreme adjustments in Clark Kent’s character, changing into rebellious, unpredictable and performing purely on erotic and egocentric feelings (lose all inhibitions). On this type, he usually wears a leather-based jacket and rides round on a motorbike.
  • Silver Kryptonite is a man-made type of Kryptonite created by Professor Milton Tremendous (the human alias of the Kryptonian synthetic intelligence often called


    , Mind InterActive Construct) utilizing odd rock and the liquid steel that his physique is made from. When Clark is pricked by this synthetic type of Kryptonite, he begins having paranoid delusions and turns into satisfied that his family and friends are out to destroy him. Silver Kryptonite causes hallucinations, resembling an imagined dialog between Clark and Professor Tremendous, and delusions that what is definitely occurring is, the truth is, one thing way more sinister.

  • The one time Black Kryptonite was ever used (up to now) on Clark was within the episode “Crusade”, when he was re-programmed as Kal-El. Martha Kent positioned a piece of Black Kryptonite (given to her by Dr. Swann’s assistant, Bridgette Crosby) on his chest and the 2 personalities bodily fissured. Clark then used the Black Kryptonite to get rid of Kal-El. Throughout sure circumstances, maybe solely at time of creation, Black Kryptonite may also have an effect on people, inflicting them to separate into two totally different beings, one manifesting a very good and pure character, and the opposite an evil character. The one case of it ever affecting people occurred within the episode “Onyx”, when an experiment with Inexperienced Kryptonite went awry and brought on Lex Luthor to separate in two.
  • Blue Kryptonite was launched within the seventh season of Smallville. It strips or quite suppresses Clark’s powers, at the least for a time. Throughout this time Clark was additionally proof against the consequences of Inexperienced Kryptonite. It was cast into Jor-El’s victory ring which was offered to him when he first grew to become a member of the Kryptonian Council. Clark’s resurrected mom Lara Lor-Van gave him the victory ring, telling Clark that it was a Kryptonian custom to move the victory ring onto the primary born son when he got here of age. The ring had been a entice set by Zor-El, to strip Clark of his powers. Since on their very own homeworld kryptonians haven’t any powers, Lara had no approach of realizing that blue kryptonite would strip Clark of his talents.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

  • The Purple Kryptonite that Batman created is just like the Purple Kryptonite within the tv collection, during which Purple Kryptonite causes Superman’s powers to grow to be uncontrollable.


Kryptonite was featured in . Within the movie, Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman) and his cronies monitor a big chunk to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the place they steal it from a museum below the duvet of night time. On this movie’s utilization, the time period “kryptonite” appears to imply merely a “Kryptonian meteorite”. After co-opting and launching two missiles for reverse ends of the USA, Luthor locations the kryptonite on a series round Superman’s (Christopher Reeve) neck and drops him right into a swimming pool. When Miss Tessmacher learns that one of many missiles is headed for Hackensack, New Jersey (the place her mom lives), she rescues Superman from drowning and removes the kryptonite, after which his energy and powers rapidly return.

An imperfect synthesis of synthetic kryptonite containing tar appeared in . Ross Webster orders the creation of artificial kryptonite after remembering a Each day Planet story concerning the final unique chunk disappearing years earlier after falling to Earth (whether or not Webster references the kryptonite theft in is unclear.) Developed by Gus Gorman, it was supposed to be a replica of inexperienced kryptonite. After scanning the coordinates of Krypton’s former location through satellite tv for pc, outcomes return a small share of an unknown element. The substitution of tar (which Gorman used after glancing at a cigarette carton) for an important, however unknown, element resulted within the artificial kryptonite behaving like a mix of pink kryptonite and black kryptonite; on this case, the kryptonite turned Superman evil and finally cut up him into two folks. The evil Superman and Clark Kent, the embodiment of Superman’s remaining good qualities, then interact in an epic battle at a abandoned junkyard, the place Clark emerges victorious and the evil Superman fades from sight (it ought to be famous that this would possibly solely have been an hallucination on Superman’s half). Later within the movie, Gorman’s creation, the Final Pc, severely weakens Superman with a kryptonite ray earlier than Gorman has a change of coronary heart and assaults his personal machine.

In , an extra piece of kryptonite is present in a rock fragment, as soon as extra in Addis Ababa. Lex Luthor steals it from a Metropolis museum and makes use of it in his quest to create a brand new kryptonite landmass, very similar to how younger Clark created the Fortress of Solitude. As well as, he makes use of a shard leftover from processing it to create a kryptonite shiv, which he makes use of to stab Superman with at one level. Apparently, kryptonite isn’t as soon as known as the time period “meteor” as it’s within the earlier motion pictures and collection, solely as “distant remains” or “radioactive items of Superman‘s home-world” and as soon as by its official identify. This may increasingly have been an try on the writers’ half to tell apart the kryptonite of the film away from Smallville, which is nearly at all times known as “meteors”.

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