(Inexperienced, Silver, Black, and X-Kryptonite)
Alex Danvers (Blue Kryptonite)
Maxwell Lord (Purple Kryptonite)
Lillian Luthor (Artificial Kryptonite)
Lena Luthor (Artificial and Black Kryptonite)
Zor-El (Black Kryptonite)
Eve Teschmacher (Black Kryptonite)
Sam Lane (Artificial Kryptonite)

Naturally shaped on Krypton


Venture Cadmus (previously)
D.E.O. (previously)
Maxwell Lord
Rhea (deceased)
Oliver Queen (deceased)
Lena Luthor
Rama Khan
Bruce Wayne (deceased)
Bruce Wayne (previously)
Kate Kane
John Henry Irons (previously)
United States Military


Rama Khan (inexperienced kryptonite)
Lex Luthor (inexperienced kryptonite)
Tommy Elliot (inexperienced kryptonite)
John Henry Irons (inexperienced kryptonite)
Rhea (inexperienced kryptonite and silver kryptonite)
Lena Luthor (inexperienced kryptonite and black kryptonite)
United States Military (inexperienced kryptonite)
Lois Lane (inexperienced kryptonite; briefly)
Tal-Rho (X-kryptonite)
Jonathan Kent (inexperienced kryptonite; briefly)


Radioactive mineral


Hank Henshaw to Supergirl[src]

Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral from the planet Krypton. Following Krypton’s destruction, some kryptonite discovered its strategy to the planet Earth. The day Krypton died, massive portions of kryptonite additionally rained down on Krypton’s sister planet, Daxam.


Results on Kryptonians

Astra and her affiliate focus on a Kryptonite knife’s capabilities[src]

Kryptonite is often inexperienced, and Kryptonians uncovered to the aspect will turn out to be weak inside shut proximity to it or if pierced by weapons laced with or made out of the substance, and extended publicity is deadly. Kryptonite is comprised of sodium, lithium and boron, in addition to components not discovered on Earth.[1] Kryptonite’s results are radioactive in nature and due to this fact can not penetrate the aspect lead. The radiation of the mineral may be harnessed and used impartial of the substance itself to hurt a Kryptonian; normally showing within the type of synthetic gentle emitted from sure equipment.[2] It has even been used as anesthesia or a sedative towards Kryptonians attributable to its results. Kryptonite contained in the physique causes inexperienced glowing veins to protrude from the pores and skin of a Kryptonian and the bodily ache it causes turns into insufferable at that time (as seen when Sam Lane injected Astra with liquid kryptonite to torture her for info).[3] Bodily indicators of being affected by kryptonite are considerably fever-like; together with nausea, weak spot, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, ache and loss (or close to loss) of consciousness. Bodily contact with kryptonite of upper depth is sufficient to trigger burning ache. Kara described the kryptonite poisoning as like having “nails in [her] blood”.[4]

As seen with “Ultraman” (a person from Earth-27A (a world from a complete completely different multiverse than Earth-1 and Earth-38), who was regarded as a hyperhuman (Earth-27A’s time period for “meta-human”), although his standing as a hyperhuman is doubted by many; some consider Ultraman is not even human,[5] and was later confirmed to actually be the alternate multiverse’s model of a Kryptonian),[6] being hit with inexperienced kryptonite solely made him stronger (like what occurred to Bizarro of the common multiverse’s Earth-38), although, not like Bizarro, the kryptonite did not degrade his physique or thoughts.[7]

Results on people

“pulsatejust hella slow”
Luke Fox and Ryan Wilder focus on her kryptonite wound[src]

Though merely being round inexperienced kryptonite would not adversely have an effect on people the way in which it does Kryptonians, having it pierce the pores and skin—resembling being shot with a piece of kryptonite in a way just like being hit with a daily bullet—can nonetheless trigger terminal radiation poisoning. Even when the kryptonite is faraway from the wound a short while after being shot with the stone, this finally results in sluggish and painful demise in people.[1]

Results on meta-humans

As seen when “Bizarro” (a coma affected person who was altered right into a “reversed” duplicate of Supergirl by Maxwell Lord) was shot with bullets made from inexperienced kryptonite, despite her energy being equal to Supergirl’s, her powers work in a way straight reverse to a Kryptonian; being hit by inexperienced kryptonite unexpectedly corrupted her; bodily and mentally degrading her, and solely made her stronger[8] (although Bizarro is meta-human relatively than Kryptonian). Within the case of Kyle Cushing (who’d been empowered by X-kryptonite by Tal-Rho‘s experiments to show the individuals of Smallville into his personal military by utilizing X-kryptonite to put the consciousnesses of deceased Kryptonians contained in the our bodies of people; thus making these individuals like meta-humans to a sure diploma),[9] being round inexperienced kryptonite impacted him in a lot the identical method it will a Kryptonian (thus, capturing him with kryptonite whereas the Kryptonian persona in his physique was energetic presumably would’ve affected him in the identical method as it will a daily Kryptonian). Nevertheless, how being shot with inexperienced kryptonite would have an effect on different meta-humans (resembling the Flash), or if it will affect them any in another way than it does a standard human, is unknown, whereas being round it presumably would not have an effect on them any in another way than common people.

Historical past

Inexperienced Kryptonite

After the destruction of Krypton, samples of kryptonite fell to Earth, and in addition rained down upon Krypton’s sister world, Daxam.[10]

A short while after J’onn J’onzz began posing as Hank Henshaw and assumed management of the D.E.O., the group acquired reviews of an asteroid that had simply landed within the desert. Since Superman sometimes labored with the D.E.O. at the moment, he accompanied J’onn to research. Upon arrival, within the darkness, J’onn noticed one thing glowing emerald-green within the crater. Whereas J’onn was unaffected by it, being close to it severely weakened Superman. This led J’onn to call the substance “kryptonite”. Due to the menace it posed, Superman needed to destroy it, however J’onn stored it to make use of as a weapon towards different hostile Kryptonians. This led to a falling out between the 2 that would not be mended till a number of years later when J’onn entrusted the entire D.E.O.’s kryptonite to Superman to eliminate in an effort to preserve it out of the improper palms.[11]

Sooner or later after declaring his conflict on Superman, Lex Luthor created a tool designed to launch kryptonite right into a planet’s environment, thus making that total planet uninhabitable to Kryptonians.[12]

Simply as Kara was beginning out as Supergirl, she was on her method to assist cope with a hearth, and was knocked out by kryptonite darts, she then awoke on the D.E.O., held down by cuffs of kryptonite, with Director “Hank Henshaw” (J’onn J’onzz in disguise) informing her of what the substance was. Alex Danvers (Kara’s adoptive sister) then arrived within the room and eliminated the cuffs; telling “Hank” they weren’t mandatory.[13]

Alex taught Kara to battle in a room lined with low-intensity kryptonite emitters; simply sufficient for Kara to be introduced right down to regular energy (roughly 18% of her typical bodily capability).[13] Within the area, Alex utilized a sword made out of kryptonite, which she finally used to kill Astra.[14]

Venture Cadmus discovered a strategy to flip people into cyborgs (generally known as “Metallos“), powered by hearts of inexperienced kryptonite.[15] The “Metallo Procedure” can be used on the dying to allow them to make a full restoration, and whereas a Metallo will die if their “heart” is eliminated,[11] they are often rebuilt once more; permitting that particular person to be resurrected.[16]

When Mon-El’s mom and father (Rhea and Lar Gand) arrived on Earth on the lookout for their son, however Mon-El mentioned that he wished to remain on Earth, his dad and mom—particularly his mom—refused to let him keep along with his new household. When Kara determined to attempt to simply discuss to Rhea, the latter met with Kara and Mon-El on the Fortress of Solitude, and, as Kara discovered by being close to Rhea, the latter had a pair of kryptonite daggers together with her, which she defined that she’d had made out of kryptonite that fell upon Daxam when Krypton was destroyed[10] (with the fallout of that planet’s destruction endangering Daxam; thus the explanation Mon-El had been despatched away from Daxam within the first place). She then attacked Kara with the daggers, prompting Mon-El to conform to go together with Rhea to make his mom cease hurting Kara.

A short while later, Kara, J’onn and Winn ended up utilizing a transmatter portal to get themselves onto Rhea and Lar Gand’s ship to rescue Mon-El (who, despite reluctantly agreeing to what his mom needed, was nonetheless being taken towards his will). Within the battle that ensued aboard the ship, Rhea’s daggers ended up getting sucked out a damaged window into the vacuum of area. After Lar Gand finally allowed Mon-El to remain on Earth, as he might see that that was what his son actually needed, Rhea murdered her husband and vowed to make Earth endure for taking her son from her.[10] Throughout the Daxamites’ subsequent invasion of Earth, on Lillian Luthor‘s urging, Winn and Lena modified a model of Lex’s kryptonite bomb to disperse lead into the environment as a stoppage measure to pressure the Daxamite military to depart Earth. Lena entrusted the machine’s distant to Kara in order that solely the latter would be capable to flip it on.

When Rhea refused to withdraw her forces even after being overpowered in a battle towards Supergirl, Kara reluctantly activated the system; killing Rhea and forcing the military to retreat. Sadly for Kara, this additionally required Mon-El (who’d turn out to be her boyfriend) to depart the planet. After Mon-El left Earth, the pod he was flying ended up getting sucked right into a temporal disruption,[17] sending him to the thirty-first century. Within the thirty-first century, he acquired a remedy for lead poisoning; making Earth’s environment secure for him once more, and went on to discovered the Legion of Tremendous-Heroes.[18]

The Nazis of Earth-X presumably got here throughout kryptonite in some unspecified time in the future of their universe as they’d turned not less than one of their troopers right into a Metallo, powered by a coronary heart made from inexperienced kryptonite.[19]

After Kara was badly crushed in a battle towards Reign,[20] the Legion of Tremendous-Heroes used their future know-how to heal her. The Legion knew from future historical past that Supergirl would survive, and that Reign would go away ultimately; however they did not know once they’d be rid of Reign, or how it will occur. A short while later, after Reign declared conflict on all criminals and regulation enforcement officers alike, J’onn determined to provoke the Sunset Protocol towards Reign. This was a last-ditch choice meant to take down Superman if he have been to ever go rogue. This meant utilizing all weapons that may very well be used towards a Kryptonian; sound bombs, purple solar grenades and extra—kryptonite included.

Winn reminded J’onn that Clark had gotten rid of all of the D.E.O.’s kryptonite, however J’onn mentioned that they nonetheless had kryptonite the D.E.O had lately confiscated from Thomas Coville;[21] the founder and chief of a cult devoted to worshipping Supergirl (the very last thing he tried doing earlier than being apprehended had been to aim to detonate a bomb below a packed stadium, in order that Supergirl would save everybody inside; with Thomas hoping they’d be “converted” to his trigger). When Supergirl tried approaching it, she’d weakened, attributable to the truth that the bomb had soil from Krypton on it; which contained traces of kryptonite. Kara then took benefit of her weakened state within the substance’s presence to chop herself in an try and show to Coville that she wasn’t a god.

This prompted Thomas to attempt to cease the bomb, however he could not. Alex then arrived on the scene and eliminated the kryptonite (which the D.E.O. then stored), and Supergirl was in a position to make use of her warmth imaginative and prescient to ship the bomb far sufficient underground in order that nobody was harm within the explosion; although it did awaken Mon-El (who’d travelled 12,000 years into the previous with the Legion of Tremendous-Heroes as a part of a mission, and the group had subsequently put themselves to sleep, meaning to reawaken within the thirty-first century) from stasis in a ship buried within the Earth).[22] When every thing was prepared, the D.E.O. staged a financial institution theft to attract Reign out. Regardless of all their preparations, and using all of their anti-Kryptonian weapons towards her without delay, she managed to shrug every thing off—even the kryptonite—and escape; additionally breaking Alex’s leg within the scuffle.[21]

A bit of over a yr after Rhea’s assault, a model of Lex’s system was utilized by the Youngsters of Liberty to pump kryptonite into Earth’s environment,[23] although, on Alex’s urging, Lena was capable of put Kara in a particular go well with designed to guard the latter towards kryptonite, which Kara then wore till they may make the planet’s setting secure for her once more.[24] After particular nanites constructed by Brainy and Lena devoured the kryptonite within the air, Kara was capable of take away the go well with.[25] although she later donned it to journey into outer area,[26] and once more to guard herself from kryptonite weapons utilized by Lex Luthor.[27]

Sooner or later after Superman arrived on Earth in Earth-99’s universe, that Earth’s Bruce Wayne began preserving a stash of kryptonite in his lair, and wound up murdering the Kryptonian. After Bruce was unintentionally killed by Earth-1’s Kate Kane (who’d been defending Earth-38’s Supergirl from Bruce), Kate stole a few of Bruce’s kryptonite. Lex tried to make use of a bit of kryptonite towards Clark Kent of Earth-167, however as a result of Clark had given up his powers, it had no impact on him and Clark snatched it out of Lex’s hand and threw it right into a area.[28] When Kate advised Kara about it a short while later, the latter advised Kate to maintain it; trusting her to not use it.[29]

In Earth-Prime’s historical past, Kara skilled the results of inexperienced kryptonite for the primary time the evening of her senior promenade; when a meteor bathe fell upon Midvale on Could 26, 2009. After meteors started falling close to the varsity, she wound up punching one in every of these asteroids because it fell; making an attempt to maintain the comet from hurting anybody. On account of the truth that the meteor contained kryptonite, Kara ended up getting minimize by the stone.[30] After Lex Luthor despatched Kara to the Phantom Zone in 2020,[31] Brainy and Nia wound up time touring again to this occasion in an effort to get a piece of the meteor with Kara’s blood on it; as they wanted a pattern of her DNA to find her inside the Zone. After they efficiently obtained what they wanted, they returned to the current.[32]

On Earth-Prime, Lucius Fox acknowledged in his journal that inexperienced kryptonite is the one factor able to penetrating the Batsuit.[33] Alice later learn the journal and discovered that the substance can minimize by means of something. Sooner or later, Professor M. Darby analyzed a pattern of kryptonite, though he didn’t know its true identify; simply that it was a “rare meteor rock,” studying of its slicing energy.[34]

The Earth-Prime model of the D.E.O. stored massive deposits of inexperienced kryptonite till it was stolen by Rama Khan,[35] for use to kill Kara; requiring her to have an Anti-Kryptonite go well with created by Lena Luthor, although Kara wound up partaking in fight with Leviathan earlier than the go well with was prepared, and Lena needed to ship it to Kara within the area by way of drone.[36] When Lex practically killed Kara with kryptonite radiation from a ring-like weapon he had readily available after assembly together with her on the Fortress of Solitude and Lex subsequently left Kara for useless, the Anti-Kryptonite go well with got here to Kara by way of distant management as soon as extra, encasing Kara and she or he managed to get better from Lex’s assault; subsequently rendezvousing together with her staff to battle Lex once more a short while later.[37]

After Tommy Elliot (posing as Bruce Wayne) took Kate’s shard of kryptonite from Luke Fox, he loaded the kryptonite fragment right into a gun, continuing to shoot Ryan Wilder (who had stolen the Batsuit after discovering it within the wreckage of the airplane crash that supposedly killed Kate, with Tommy now wanting the go well with so he might pose as Batman). True to Lucius Fox’s journal, the kryptonite went straight by means of the go well with’s armor and pierced Ryan’s pores and skin, leaving her injured and knocking her to the bottom.[38]

—Ryan Wilder reads up on kryptonite[src]

Whereas Ryan did survive (preventing off Tommy and subsequently returning the kryptonite and the Batsuit to Luke) she, after analyzing her shallow wound a short while later, discovered that the kryptonite—despite the fact that the rock had been faraway from her minimize—gave the impression to be affecting her in an odd method; inflicting inexperienced veins to unfold outwards from the location of the ballistic trauma,[38] with the wound solely getting worse over time.[39] Ultimately, it received so unhealthy that along with the extraordinary ache that the harm continued inflicting her, she additionally started experiencing episodes of extreme vertigo and photopsia; prompting her to do extra analysis on the stone’s properties.[1] Later, the kryptonite made its method into Ryan’s mind; inflicting her to start experiencing hallucinations as effectively.[40] Ryan and her mates finally concluded that her solely hope of surviving the kryptonite poisoning was the Coryana Desert Rose‘s common therapeutic properties.[40] Ryan practically died of the an infection, however the Bat Crew managed to manage the Rose’s serum to her within the nick of time; saving Ryan’s life and permitting her to make a full restoration.[41][42]

After Kate Kane (who’d been brainwashed into believing she was Circe Sionis) satisfied the Bat Crew to offer her again the Batsuit (claiming she needed to get again to defending Gotham), she knocked them out and trapped them within the Batcave. A short while later, she took the go well with and minimize it up; utilizing a bit of inexperienced kryptonite to carve a diagonal line by means of the go well with’s emblem.[43]

John Henry Irons from one other universe got here to Earth-Prime after his house world was destroyed (presumably within the Anti-Monitor Disaster). Regardless of dropping the final of his inventory of kryptonite preventing Earth-Prime’s Superman, John determined he needed to search for extra, because it was mandatory for his mission.[44] After trying in Moldova and Mongolia, he deserted his search. When requested by Superman, Sam Lane revealed that he stockpiled a provide of kryptonite; sufficient for the world to be briefly provide, stating that his cause for doing so was to keep away from anybody getting their palms on the substance to make use of towards Superman.[45] An officer below Sam Lane’s command used kryptonite bullets towards Superman when the latter was making an attempt to protect Tag Harris from Lane’s forces, making Superman very indignant.[46]

After Lois and Sam Lane started suspecting that one thing was up with Kyle Cushing, and Lois repeatedly didn’t get in touch with Kyle’s spouse, Lana, Lois went to see them. When she arrived, she mentioned she’d needed to test in, however then received attacked by Kyle utilizing his Kryptonian powers (bestowed by Morgan Edge’s experiments) with the latter stating that he knew she’d come to test on him particularly. Kyle then grabbed each Lois and Lana by their throats, calling them weak. Lois responded by punching him; hitting him with a piece of inexperienced kryptonite (presumably borrowed from her dad); stating that not all of them have been weak. Her father, Sam Lane, then arrived along with his troops and took Kyle into custody; negating Kyle’s powers with power-dampening cuffs.

A short while later, after Kyle refused to cooperate and reply Normal Lane’s questions in custody a couple of sure man’s whereabouts, Sam had Kyle uncovered to kryptonite lights, which he elevated the depth of when Kyle nonetheless would not inform him what he needed to know. Kyle later returned to his regular self when Superman launched all of the photo voltaic power in his personal physique without delay to create a photo voltaic flare in an effort to give the identical machine that had empowered all of Morgan Edge’s take a look at topics sufficient power to show everybody who’d been a part of Edge’s experiments again to regular (apart from Leslie Larr, who was out of vary on the time that they reversed the results on all the opposite residents of Smallville that Edge had recruited).[9]

After being overpowered by the mixed efforts of John Henry Irons and Superman, Morgan Edge was taken into the custody of the D.O.D., with kryptonite lights shining on him in his cell.[47] A short while later, nevertheless, he broke out of the power the place he was being held and flew on to Earth’s solar.[48] Upon reaching the solar, Tal absorbed the power of the Eradicator (which he’d been utilizing to grant individuals Kryptonian powers, and he’d seemingly destroyed along with his warmth imaginative and prescient previous to be apprehended by John and Superman beforehand). This allowed him to basically the Eradicator; enabling him to make use of the Eradicator’s capabilities on people to create extra Kryptonian Subjekts. He subsequently broke Leslie Larr out of D.O.D. custody (the place, like with him, the D.O.D. had had kryptonite lights shining on her, although turning into the Eradicator appeared to have made him resistant to the results of kryptonite). Leslie then accompanied Edge to Metropolis, the place they began attacking the town, with Edge empowering a number of of the town’s residents with Kryptonian skills; due to his new powers granted by the Eradicator. A short while later, when Edge attacked the van Sam Lane was driving; hauling Sarah Cushing together with Jordan and Jonathan. After the car rolled over attributable to a collision with Edge, Sam requested the boys to succeed in into the glove compartment for a pistol loaded with kryptonite. Jonathan grabbed it and, on Sam’s instruction, fired at Edge. Nevertheless, Edge flew out of the way in which, grabbed Jordan, and flew off. Edge then took him to a different location and used his Eradicator energy to put his father (Zeta-Rho)’s consciousness inside Jordan.[49]

Blue Kryptonite

J’onn J’onzz[src]

The blue, molecular reverse of inexperienced kryptonite was created by Alex Danvers on the D.E.O. by reversing the ionic cost of inexperienced kryptonite. Whereas blue kryptonite has no impact on Kryptonians, it severely weakened Bizarro and sedated her, permitting her to be captured. It additionally appeared to have a relaxing impact on Bizarro, eradicating her rage towards Supergirl and permitting her to assume rationally.[8]

Purple Kryptonite

Maxwell Lord created an artificial purple type of kryptonite (although whether or not this kryptonite was made out of scratch (like artificial kryptonite created by Lena Luthor) or by modifying inexperienced kryptonite (just like how Alex “made” blue kryptonite) is unknown) in hopes of subduing Non‘s subsequent assault. Nevertheless, it did not work as meant; relatively than weaken Kryptonians bodily, purple kryptonite alters their minds by weakening and regularly destroying their inhibitions, in addition to bringing each adverse thought to the floor. They will even really feel its results lengthy after they’ve left its presence. As this occurs, purple, glowing veins momentarily protrude from the pores and skin once they first come close to purple kryptonite and subsequently in occasions when the sufferer’s actions and ideas are most affected by the substance. Signs of purple kryptonite an infection first begin because the Kryptonian turning into extra abrasive and immature in persona and actions as their psychological and emotional restraint is lessened. Ultimately, the Kryptonian can be left with out morality, persistence, rationality or any cares, in anyway. They will even develop narcissistic tendencies and vanity that leads to an inferiority complicated. After having expressed their adverse persona traits totally, the Kryptonian will turn out to be malevolent and susceptible to hostility and aggression, leaving them a hazard to everybody round them.[50] Nevertheless, Maxwell additionally developed a remedy for it within the type of a purple power blaster that neutralized the purple kryptonite in a focused sufferer; as seen with Kara Danvers, this briefly knocks the affected Kryptonian out, because the substance then left Kara’s physique within the type of a purple fuel. This finally returned Kara to her regular self.[50]

Silver Kryptonite

A silver coloured type of Kryptonite that was discovered and utilized by Queen Rhea from the huge portions of Kryptonite that rained down on planet Daxam. This kryptonite will trigger a Kryptonian to fall in a deep and frightful hallucination the place nothing from the skin world will stir them out of it till it leaves their system. When Superman confronted Rhea, she poisoned him with it and he was satisfied that Supergirl was truly his best enemy, Zod, who had come again to destroy every thing he liked. Whereas below the results of Silver Kryptonite, Superman was unable to listen to Kara however solely hear Zod speaking. Not like inexperienced kryptonite, silver kryptonite won’t weaken or negate a Kryptonian’s powers in any respect. When in massive portions, it’s going to reveal itself as glowing silver veins on the Kryptonian’s pores and skin.[17]

Artificial Kryptonite

Sooner or later after assembly Earth-38’s Supergirl in late 2016, Oliver Queen of Earth-1 commissioned arrows with heads made from synthesized inexperienced kryptonite in case he ever met an evil model of his Kryptonian good friend.[7] He then used these arrows in battle towards Kara’s Nazi doppelgänger from Earth-X in November 2017.[19]

After J’onn J’onzz gave the entire D.E.O.‘s remaining inexperienced kryptonite to Superman to destroy it, stopping Venture Cadmus from additional utilizing inexperienced kryptonite towards him and Kara, Cadmus was compelled to create their very own synthetic model of inexperienced kryptonite. Whereas their artificial kryptonite does have the identical results on Kryptonians as pure inexperienced kryptonite, in addition to with the ability to efficiently energy Metallos, it was confirmed to be too unstable, as seen with one model of Metallo (John Corben), it will definitely exploded; killing the cyborg within the course of whereas additionally releasing a big cloud of kryptonite fuel, though Kara was capable of keep away from contact with it.[12]

In 2018, Oliver tried utilizing an arrow made from his synthetic inexperienced kryptonite (which appears to be extra steady than Venture Cadmus’s artificial kryptonite) towards Ultraman. Nevertheless, to the shock of Oliver and the remainder of his mates who’d united to face Ultraman, the latter wasn’t weakened by the kryptonite in any respect; it solely made him stronger.[7]

A couple of yr after assembly Kara’s Nazi counterpart, Barry Allen (who, because of an alteration of Earth-1’s actuality, had gained Oliver’s expertise as an archer and martial artist) and Oliver used kryptonite arrows (presumably made out of Oliver’s provide of synthesized kryptonite) to battle A.M.A.Z.O. and John Deegan, respectively.[51][52]

Lena Luthor[src]

Lena Luthor was capable of create an especially steady artificial model of inexperienced kryptonite (which would not explode;[53] a feat that even Cadmus couldn’t obtain) which, after studying of Samantha Arias‘s Worldkiller persona,[54] she started utilizing to comprise Sam at L-Corp and (consensually) ran exams on the latter in an effort to discover a strategy to eliminate Reign (although, when questioned by the D.E.O. on the matter, she claimed it was a stash of kryptonite Lex had stored in a vault within the lab, however later confided in James Olsen that she’d discovered easy methods to make the kryptonite; it hadn’t been Lex’s).[55] After acquiring a pattern of Harun-El, she was in a position to determine easy methods to make extra of that sort of kryptonite as effectively.[56]

Sooner or later in Earth-Prime’s timeline, Sam Lane developed Venture 7734; an arsenal of weapons made to kill Superman (although Sam hoped the army would by no means want to make use of these weapons). Amongst its stock is a smoke-bomb-like weapon that releases artificial kryptonite fuel, designed to weaken a Kryptonian sufficient to be harmed by extra conventional means.[57]

As Clark discovered a short while after getting attacked by Reno Rosetti with the fuel, it appears to have an effect on Kryptonians in an odd method, as when Clark went to cease a theft as Superman, the thieves’ unusual bullets left him with bruises. It additionally appeared to have an effect on his Kryptonian-human hybrid son, Jordan, who grew to become contaminated by being round his father afterwards; exhibiting signs just like a chilly, although rather more extreme. It rapidly grew to become unhealthy sufficient that Jordan started having hassle respiration; as an A.I. of Jor-El on the Fortress of Solitude advised Clark, the kryptonite was inflicting Jordan’s lungs to fill with fluid, however attributable to his system cooling the air he breathed (his freezing breath), the kryptonite was basically regularly freezing his lungs. As Jor-El’s A.I. defined, the one strategy to get the kryptonite out of Jordan’s system can be to do as had been achieved with Clark prior to now (burning it). As Sam advised his daughter Lois, the fuel was untested, they usually had no thought how it will have an effect on Superman.[58]

After Leslie Larr was captured by John Henry Irons and Superman and subsequently taken into D.O.D. custody, with the menace that she and Morgan Edge posed seemingly eradicated, Sam Lane knowledgeable Superman and John that the subsequent factor he deliberate to do was to eliminate the vast majority of Venture 7734’s weapons. He acknowledged that he was improper to assume that Superman might ever go rogue, and meant to solely preserve sufficient kryptonite to comprise Morgan and Leslie; the remainder of Venture 7734’s arsenal can be enclosed in concrete and sunk to the underside of the ocean. Nevertheless, a short while later, Superman advised Sam that, if something like what Edge had achieved have been to occur once more, the D.O.D. would want the kryptonite Sam was planning to get rid of.

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When Lois spoke with Clark about it, he acknowledged that the individuals of Earth had the precise to defend themselves towards him if he have been to ever be manipulated or corrupted; just like what Edge had achieved to him (utilizing the Eradicator to put Zod’s consciousness inside Superman’s physique; and despite the fact that John Irons had managed to show him again, Clark was involved what he could have achieved subsequent if he’d ended up killing John). Lois insisted that if weapons that would hurt Superman existed, the improper individuals inevitably would get ahold of them. After Clark defined his causes for wanting Venture 7734 to remain in place, Lois agreed, however refused to belief the D.O.D. concerning the matter. Clark then spoke to John Irons; saying that if mandatory, John alone ought to have the aptitude to kill him. John truthfully acknowledged that he trusted Superman now, however Clark mentioned that John had come to Earth-Prime striving to guard the world from Superman, and that is what he was asking John to do by leaving the latter in command of Venture 7734.[48]

Black Kryptonite/Harun-El

Harun-El, or the Rock of Yuda Kal (additionally known as black kryptonite),[59] is a really particular sort of Kryptonite that’s able to making Worldkillers. It can be used to destroy a Worldkiller.

On their house world or in Argo Metropolis, black kryptonite is innocent to Kryptonians. Nevertheless, on Earth, touching the substance not solely causes nice ache to a Kryptonian, but in addition makes their powers unstable. It can be used to separate a Kryptonian into two separate entities (resembling when Lena used it to separate Reign from Sam; one in every of them evil, the opposite good). When Kara used it to ship herself, Reign and Sam into the Darkish Valley to defeat Reign; stopping anybody else from getting harm within the battle, it cut up Kara in two—unbeknownst to Kara on the time—sending her duplicate to Kaznia.

Harun-El can also be an unimaginable energy supply. It was capable of energy the dome of Argo Metropolis in addition to maintain an ecosystem and the bogus gravity on the asteroid that homes Argo. Argonians got a recipe to make the substance from components on Argo, courtesy of Lena Luthor who discovered easy methods to make it. When harnessed appropriately, black kryptonite has mutagenic and therapeutic properties on people. Tumor lots that Lena was testing the serum on had unintentionally been made invulnerable. It was revealed that the powers bestowed upon human topics proved deadly in the long term, with Lena’s experiments specializing in eradicating the deadlier results earlier than correct use. After supposedly being perfected, the serum was used on James Olsen and Lex Luthor to heal them each.[59] Stated model used on James was regarded as separated from the mutagenic half, however this wasn’t profitable and he gained non permanent Kryptonian skills; together with enhanced energy, senses, sturdiness, accelerated therapeutic, flight and warmth imaginative and prescient, till the drug was extracted from his physique. Lex Luthor and Ben Lockwood not less than gained the ability of tremendous energy, whereas the previous additionally gained levitation with the Harun-El in his system, although in some way Luthor’s model of the injection appeared extra steady than both Ben or James’s for unknown causes, as he did not endure any noticable side-effects from the serum. All three later had the drug forcibly taken out of their our bodies.[27] As seen with Lockwood, whereas he did acquire powers from the serum,[60] attributable to the truth that he injected himself was an unfinished model of the drug, his physique started to regularly deteriorate,[61] although this stopped as soon as the Harun-El was faraway from his bloodstream.[27]


“every form”
—Clark Kent and Lois Lane start piecing collectively what Morgan Edge is as much as.[src]

X-kryptonite (generally referred to easily as X-Ok)[9] is a variant of kryptonite solely present in Smallville on Earth. It’s yellow in colour and might endow people with some Kryptonian-like powers, though the results from unintended publicity may be unstable and debilitating.[62]

One evening, Jonathan and Jordan Kent went to a bonfire with a few of their classmates, and a battle broke out when Sean Smith pushed Jordan Kent after the latter kissed Sean’s then-girlfriend, Sarah Cushing. Within the commotion, Jordan wound up releasing a blast of warmth imaginative and prescient, inflicting an explosion, which broke Tag Harris‘s arm.[63] Jordan’s warmth imaginative and prescient precipitated the explosion, however one other materials, some “yellow phosphorescence” (X-kryptonite), was additionally current and affected Tag Harris, giving him vibrating powers.[64]

Massive deposits of X-kryptonite have been discovered within the Shuster Mine by Morgan Edge (who was truly a Kryptonian; along with his actual identify being Tal-Rho) who meant to make use of it for his personal ends, planning to create some form of military.[64] X-kryptonite is utilized in machines that may bestow or improve powers. Morgan Edge used X-kryptonite on Derek Powell and empowered him, however Derek could not management the powers and ended up killing himself after a confrontation with Superman.[62]

A couple of days later, John Henry Irons confirmed Lois Lane the X-kryptonite within the mine and gave her a pattern, telling her that she wanted to write down a narrative about it.[46]

A short while after John Irons introduced the X-kryptonite within the mines to Lois’s consideration (instantly after Lois and Jonathan have been attacked by Morgan Edge’s super-powered minions), Clark and Lois started realizing that Morgan Edge had performed his experiments with X-kryptonite on all kinds of individuals, however the one ones who did not endure opposed results have been individuals who’d been dwelling in Smallville for years, and thus, had repeatedly been uncovered to the X-kryptonite buried there. When Clark had crashed on Earth, kryptonite impacted all all over the world for every week; all forms of kryptonite made it to Earth in fixed meteor showers that occurred throughout this time, however solely Smallville had X-kryptonite; thus the explanation solely individuals who’d lived in Smallville for years have been gaining steady powers from it (against this to individuals like Derek Powell, who weren’t from Smallville), and the explanation Morgan Edge had particularly come to Smallville to search out recruits for his military.[58]

After bringing a person who was working with Edge in for questioning, Superman and the D.O.D. realized that Morgan Edge wasn’t simply giving individuals powers; he was truly inserting consciousnesses of deceased Kryptonians inside their our bodies utilizing a tool known as an Eradicator (meaning to resurrect Krypton of Earth). Nevertheless, the person they spoke to honestly acknowledged that he had no thought how the know-how even works, and that in an effort to put a cease to Edge’s scheme, they wanted to put the consciousness of the one who invented it (Superman’s organic mom; Lara Lor-Van) inside a number to talk to her (and, as a result of nature of the process, that particular person needed to be from Smallville to ensure that it to work). Lana Lang instantly volunteered, and despite the fact that Lois was hesitant to permit her to do it, she ultimately agreed to let Lana undergo with it. Lara, by means of Lana, then acknowledged that she’d by no means meant for her know-how for use for what Edge was using it to do, and helped them to make use of the Eradicator to reverse the method. On account of Superman’s weakened state following him releasing all of the photo voltaic power in his physique without delay (making a photo voltaic flare) in an effort to give the Eradicator sufficient energy to de-power everybody Edge had positioned Kryptonian consciousnesses within all on the identical time, this left Clark powerless till his cells had replenished their provide of photo voltaic power, and he crash-landed on the Fortress of Solitude.[9] There, Superman was met by Morgan Edge, who blackmailed Clark into becoming a member of his mission.[65]

Recognized customers

Former customers

  • D.E.O.: Inexperienced kryptonite was utilized by the members of the D.E.O., who utilized it towards people who hail from the planet Krypton. They put it to use within the type of restraints and sure weapons, resembling blades, darts, and bullets. Jail cells designed for Kryptonians, in addition to coaching rooms, have kryptonite lights that may be lowered to easily de-power a Kryptonian, whereas greater ranges can incapacitate, cripple, and practically kill them. Nevertheless, after it was found that the D.E.O. had a spy from Venture Cadmus who’d stolen the inexperienced kryptonite Cadmus used to energy Metallo from the D.E.O., J’onn J’onzz gave the entire D.E.O.’s remaining kryptonite to Superman to destroy it.[11]
    • D.E.O. (Earth-Prime): This model of the D.E.O. had massive portions of kryptonite; nevertheless, it was solely saved, not used. It was later stolen by Leviathan.[35]
  • Venture Cadmus: Cadmus created an artificial model of the Inexperienced Kryptonite that had the identical results as pure inexperienced kryptonite. It was used to energy their inexperienced kryptonite-powered cyborg Metallo. Nevertheless, the artificial model proved too unstable and ultimately exploded. Additionally they used pure inexperienced kryptonite, that was used to energy their second inexperienced Kryptonite-powered cyborg Metallo, nevertheless, as soon as the D.E.O. found that they’d a spy from Cadmus within the group; J’onn J’onzz gave the entire D.E.O.’s remaining inexperienced kryptonite to Clark Kent (below the guise of Superman) to destroy it; stopping Cadmus from additional utilizing inexperienced Kryptonite towards Clark and Kara.
  • Rhea: Rhea had Kryptonite weapons cast from the huge quantities of Kryptonite that rained down on Daxam after Krypton was destroyed and ravaged her house world. She later used one other type of Kryptonite, Silver, on Superman to make him hallucinate and battle Supergirl, with Superman believing he was battling Zod. Being useless now, most of her Kryptonite has been destroyed. Rhea additionally had Kryptonite infused in her blood in case she was ever in a battle with Supergirl or Superman, she might simply weaken them and acquire a bonus.
Kara Danvers and Oliver Queen[src]


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Behind the scenes


Within the DC comics, there are a number of differing types of Kryptonite;

  • Inexperienced Kryptonite: Inexperienced Kryptonite can weaken a Kryptonian’s bodily attributes, nevertheless, the radiation results of Inexperienced Kryptonite are dangerous to people given enough long-term publicity, leading to most cancers.
  • Purple Kryptonite: Like Inexperienced Kryptonite, Purple Kryptonite can weaken a Kryptonian’s bodily attributes, however to a higher diploma. Its precise results are sometimes unpredictable; yielding completely different outcomes each time a Kryptonian is uncovered to it.
  • Anti-Kryptonite: Anti-Kryptonite is innocent to Kryptonians, however has the identical impact on regular people as inexperienced kryptonite does on Kryptonians.
  • X-Kryptonite: X-Kryptonite is innocent to Kryptonians, nevertheless it quickly offers regular life-forms superhuman powers.
  • Blue Kryptonite: Blue Kryptonite can have an effect on Bizarro in the identical method the inexperienced number of Kryptonite impacts Kryptonians; Blue Kryptonite is the antidote to the random and weird results of Purple Kryptonite. Usually it’s innocent to actual Kryptonians. Nevertheless, in some continuities, it may well strengthen the physiology of standard Kryptonians and even heal their wounds.
  • White Kryptonite: White Kryptonite can kill all vegetation, from any world.
  • Purple-Inexperienced Kryptonite: Purple-Inexperienced Kryptonite could cause Superman to mutate, quickly rising a 3rd eye behind his head.
  • Gold Kryptonite: Gold Kryptonite can take away a Kryptonians’ capacity to course of yellow daylight; this model of Kryptonite solely removes a Kryptonian’s powers quickly, however sufficient publicity can render them powerless perpetually.
  • Purple-Inexperienced-Blue-Gold Kryptonite: Purple-Inexperienced-Blue-Gold Kryptonite can improve the intelligence of a Kryptonian.
  • Silver Kryptonite: Silver Kryptonite can causes Kryptonians to endure from altered perceptions, lack of inhibition and excessive starvation cravings.
  • Jewel Kryptonite: Jewel Kryptonite permits the wielder to mission illusions or carry out thoughts management.
  • Bizarro-Purple Kryptonite: Bizarro-Purple Kryptonite impacts regular people the identical method that Purple Kryptonite impacts Kryptonians.
  • Purple-Gold Kryptonite: Purple-Gold Kryptonite quickly deprives Kryptonians of their recollections.
  • Magno-Kryptonite: Magno-Kryptonite is magnetically interested in all substances initially from Krypton.
  • Purple-Inexperienced-Gold Kryptonite: Purple-Inexperienced-Gold Kryptonite can completely take away the person’s powers and recollections of ever having been Superman.
  • Gradual Kryptonite: Gradual Kryptonite impacts regular people in a way just like the way in which Inexperienced Kryptonite impacts Kryptonians.
  • Kryptonite-X: Kryptonite-X can supercharge a Kryptonian and restore their capacity to course of photo voltaic radiation.
  • Pink Kryptonite: Pink Kryptonite turns Kryptonians lesbian, homosexual, bisexual or transgender.
  • Black Kryptonite: Black Kryptonite can cut up a Kryptonian into two separate entities; one good and the opposite evil.
  • Orange Kryptonite: Orange Kryptonite offers superpowers to any animal that comes into contact with it for twenty-four hours.
  • Periwinkle Kryptonite: Periwinkle Kryptonite causes Kryptonians to lose all inhibitions.
  • Platinum Kryptonite: Platinum Kryptonite completely grants the entire powers of a Kryptonian to unusual people.


In live-action media, the commonest type of Kryptonite seen is inexperienced Kryptonite. The results are usually the identical in all live-action variations. It weakens a Kryptonian’s bodily attributes, together with blocking the flexibility of the physique’s cells to soak up and use yellow photo voltaic radiation with continued publicity. Inexperienced Ok can kill with extended publicity.

Different forms of Kryptonite have additionally appeared.

In :

  • Artificial Kryptonite: Artificially created Kryptonite that substitutes cigarette “tar” rather than an unknown element of true Kryptonite. Supposed to hurt and kill Superman, the flawed Kryponite initially corrupts Superman, then splits him into two personas: a belligerent, egocentric, and careless Superman; and good, kindhearted, mild-mannered Clark Kent. The 2 battle and when Clark wins, the personas merge and Superman returns to regular.

On :

  • Purple Kryptonite: Man-made type of Kryptonite created whereas making an attempt to neutralize the results of inexperienced kryptonite so it may very well be used as a substitute energy supply. Superboy turned evil with a single publicity; a second publicity reversed the results.
  • White Kryptonite: Not like its comedian counterpart, white kryptonite was created by utilizing the identical duplicating ray that made Bizarro in an try and kind a kryptonite to kill Bizarro. As a substitute, the white kryptonite stabilized and cured the molecularly unstable Bizarro.

On :

  • Purple Kryptonite: Clark Kent was proven to endure differing results when uncovered to purple kryptonite at completely different occasions, together with apathy, uncontrollable improve of his powers, and a switch of his powers to Lois Lane.
  • “Hybrid Kryptonite: A person-made type of kryptonite created by a renegade S.T.A.R. Labs scientist. Innocent to Kryptonians, it has the identical impact on people as inexperienced kryptonite does on Kryptonians.

In :

  • Inexperienced Kryptonite: Lex Luthor mixed inexperienced kryptonite with Kryptonian crystalline know-how to create a brand new continent off the coast of Metropolis that threatened to destroy North America.

On :

  • Inexperienced Kryptonite: Apart weakening and harming Kryptonians (and suppressing their powers, particularly their therapeutic issue and invulnerability), can, below sure circumstances, to precipitated mutations in people, animals, and crops. People developed quite a lot of superhuman skills that sometimes proved harmful to themselves and others. In some instances, the radioactivity of inexperienced kryptonite may very well be neutralized and the ensuing “clear” kryptonite can be innocent to Kryptonians and people.
  • Purple Kryptonite: Steady contact with purple kryptonite compromised a Kryptonian’s inhibitions and morality; typically inflicting them to interrupt the regulation and act egocentric and rebellious. Its results on people are principally unknown, although it appears haven’t any impact except it is mixed with some chemical substances. Eradicating the contact rapidly ended the results.
  • Black Kryptonite: May separate features of the psyche of Kryptonians or people and manifest them in a replica physique, sometimes as “good” and “bad” variations of somebody. Black kryptonite was created by superheating inexperienced kryptonite to extraordinarily excessive temperatures.
  • Silver Kryptonite: A man-made Kryptonite infused with silver shards created by the liquid metallic type of Brainiac. The silver induced hallucinations and paranoia in Kryptonians. It additionally suppressed their basic invulnerability, permitting them to be minimize so the silver might enter the bloodstream.
  • Blue Kryptonite: Suppressed superhuman skills in Kryptonians with steady contact, particularly resistance to sickness and harm. Growing older in Kryptonians was additionally elevated to the velocity of people by extended contact. Kryptonians have been proof against results of inexperienced kryptonite when in touch with blue Ok. In people, blue Ok dramatically improved well being. With Bizarro, blue Ok exponentially elevated the clone’s powers to the purpose the physique grew to become unstable and exploded, killing the Phantom Zone wraith. It additionally removes a Kryptonian’s powers, however solely so long as the Kryptonian stays in touch with it.
  • Gemstone Kryptonite: A mineral infused with Kryptonite that might give Kryptonians the ability of hypnotic persuasion over others. It was primarily seen in pulverized mud kind. The persuasion might additionally have an effect on the Kryptonian persuader if their command was directed again at them by means of a reflective floor. The results have been counteracted with inexperienced Ok.
  • Gold Kryptonite: Whereas heated up, can be utilized to completely scar Kryptonians. Extended contact might completely take away all Kryptonian superhuman skills. Contact with a considerable amount of gold kryptonite might kill a Kryptonian.


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