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Read Super Weapon Exchange System Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Historic Duty

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“Self-reliance does not conflict with the introduction of technology.” Normal Liu stood up, patted the desk together with his hand, and seemed on the folks beneath.

Mr. Gu meant that it couldn’t be launched. If it was launched, the home analysis and improvement could be blind. Such a press release is inaccurate.

Normal Lius gaze was embarrassing: “We need to speed up and continue to develop our own aircraft. But the Tomcat fighter is a good thing, and we cant make it in the short term. Rather than spend a lot of effort to develop it, it will fall behind. Its better to spend some money, buy some technology, shorten time and save money. Now we happen to have a suitable plan, so we must seize this historical opportunity to buy in to fill the gap in our air power!”

Normal Liu clearly expressed his angle: “If there is no introduction and no equipment, once a military struggle occurs and there is no way, it is a historical responsibility and there is no way to explain it!”

This can be a historic accountability! The hat Normal Liu buckled is unquestionably not low, however it’s also consistent with the present scenario.

The bear nation, counting on the present world oil worth hikes, exporting oil to Europa, making some huge cash. Their pockets are bulging, and their ambitions are additionally massive. The bear folks might come to hold out armed intervention at any time.

If the 6601 Institute can imitate the Blue Shark just like the 6611 Institute on the finish of the yr, after which fly for the primary time, then there will probably be no present episode. The issue is that they’ve said their angle conclusively and counting on the present stage. Can’t be copied.

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If so, then there occurs to be a purchase order channel, why not purchase it? Purchase now, just a few months, then you possibly can construct up fight effectiveness, that is available!

The air power has been trying ahead to it for a very long time, and the air power can now not wait. The sky of Han requires superior heavy-duty air-control fighters. As soon as the Tomcat arrives and possesses the Phoenix missile, the sky will probably be immediately secured.

This can be a historic accountability!

When he heard this sentence, Qin Guan’s coronary heart was additionally shocked.

Qin Guan remembered this passage. It was the unique comment that Normal Liu stated when he launched the Su-27.

At the moment, there was a quarrel about whether or not to introduce the Su-27. 6601 was firmly against it. Of their eyes, it was sufficient to have the J-8-2. Why would you like the Su-27? Even when the Su-27 was launched and produced within the 1112 manufacturing facility, that may not work. They wished the J-8-2, they usually needed to promote them to the navy and air power to equip the J-8-2 in massive portions. That is their little one.

Consequently, Normal Liu decided, and the Su-27 mission was to this point faraway from the group that it was efficiently launched.

Normal Liu is a layman, as a result of Normal Liu has been related to the Navy for many of his life. Nevertheless, Normal Liu has labored **** the tools of the Air Drive.

Not solely the Su-27, but additionally the J-10, the turbofan X within the J-10 plan was delayed in analysis and improvement. After the introduction of the Su-27, Normal Liu additionally beat the desk, then put the Su-27 on the desk. His third uncle, placed on the Jianshi.

At the moment, the 6611 Institute was unwilling. You’re clearly a layman and an skilled. In the event you change the third uncle, the whole rear fuselage must be modified and the air consumption have to be re-matched.

6611 was resisted, however Normal Liu patted the desk and ordered it down.

The end result can also be there. The J-10 efficiently served in massive portions and survived by the third uncle, whereas the turbofan ten, even earlier than Qin Guan crossed, was not put in on the J-10, it was at all times experimenting.

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Normal Liu is far-sighted. The present Normal Liu is much more conscious of the long run air fight. Counting on the J-8-2 won’t work. The introduction of superior third-generation plane. If there’s a probability, why not?

Right here, Normal Liu patted the desk, and on the identical time, Normal Liu needed to do a whole lot of work when he reached the superior.

Nevertheless, irrespective of how a lot resistance is encountered, it have to be accomplished, as a result of this can be a historic accountability.

That is the results of Normal Liu’s cautious consideration of the general scenario of the nation and the present scenario.

The introduction of the Tomcat can instantly fill the hole within the Han Nationwide Air Drive, shield the sky of the motherland, and lay the inspiration for future plane carriers, as a result of the Tomcat is initially a carrier-based plane.

Normal Liu had already considered this prematurely.

With Normal Liu’s choice, President Gu lastly did not dare to object anymore. It will be completely unwise for him to contradict him right now.

However, after all 6601 won’t surrender due to this. How may the massive brother of home navy plane improvement lose?

At this time’s assembly has been delayed for greater than two hours, and everybody’s stomachs are grumbling with starvation, however many individuals’s faces are stuffed with smiles.

“Chief Qin, this time, I count on you.” On the dinner desk of the Ministry of Aviation Business, a gaggle of air power generals surrounded Qin Guan.

Even when Normal Liu decides, even when the nation agrees to pay, there may be nonetheless a prerequisite, that’s, Qin Guan goes to idiot you.

If Qin Guan could not purchase these Tomcat fighters at a low worth based on his concept, every thing could be ineffective.

Normal Liu can agree that worth is an enormous issue.

600 million eagle {dollars}. I purchased it from Grumman. It was lower than 20. On the identical time, this can be a naked machine. In the event you add weapons and ammunition, plus coaching prices, plus later backup engines, the value will double. , That’s to say, 600 million Eagle yuan, you should buy as much as 10 again.

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10, what’s sufficient for? Not even one flying brigade will not be sufficient, it’s ineffective in any respect.

However now, on the identical worth, Qin Guan promised to purchase 79 planes, which might be sufficient to be stationed in a number of airports within the north. With its lengthy voyage, the whole northern airspace might be firmly guarded.

The fight radius of the Tomcat fighter plane is greater than 700 kilometers relying on the inner gas. A flight regiment is about 20 or so airplanes. With 4 flight regiments, it might probably management a protracted line of protection of two to 3 thousand kilometers. .

The Air Drive cannot wait.

“General Zhang, our Air Force, do you have your own small vault?” Qin Guan requested quietly.

Listening to Qin Guan’s phrases, Normal Zhang, the Air Drive Commander, instantly lowered his voice: “We will provide funds for bribery of the Sabbath nation. As long as the contract can be completed, our Air Force is willing to provide the funds.”

Every department of the navy should have its personal small vault, and Qin Guan’s query was as anticipated.

Nevertheless, Qin Guan did not need any bribe funds, and it could be cheaper to take the accounts of North Industries.

“If you have a lot of funds, I can still find ways to buy other good things from the Parthian nation.” Qin Guan stated: “Transport planes, aerial tankers, helicopters, the current Parthian nation is extremely hostile to the West. Equipment is also evil in their eyes, and it just so happens that we can buy the bottom.”

All of the air power generals current have been mild of their eyes.

“I want to take out my salary too!”

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