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As a freelancer, your earnings will change – hopefully for the better. But you also spend the money differently. On the one hand, you can do many in the home office Cost factors evaporate, on the other hand plan unimagined additional expenses. With what additional expenses must freelancer calculate? Career Bible tells you what to price in.

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Working as a Freelancer: Cost Factors

freelancer can save a lot of money. You no longer need a ticket for local public transport. Can also leave the car standing still more often and get over the rising oil price.

You save the coffee-to-go and sandwiches on the way to work as well as the expensive lunch in town. And you don’t even have to fill your wardrobe to the limit. A monetary advantage for everyone who earns their money as a one-man show, as an IT specialist, graphic designer or journalist, for example.

On the other hand, you will face new costs. Now you have to do all the nice things that the company gave you for free finance yourself. Including small and large chunks, one-time purchases and recurring costs.

A change that prompts us to make the following list. Keep an eye on these cost factors in order to maintain your financial balance …

Working as a freelancer: please plan these costs!

  1. hardware

    The company PC is no longer available to you for free use. A All-in-one PC costs around 1,000 euros today, but is basically only a must for video gamers. Homeworkers often submit Laptop, the spectrum ranges from less than 500 euros up to the high 1,000 range. Since the computer will probably be your main work device, it is essential to invest in quality. Also worth considering for freelancers: A Smartphone or tablet upgrade.

  2. Means of communication

    Quite advisable as a freelancer not to go with the slowest Internet tariff to be content. After all, the glass fibers are to a certain extent your lifeline. The tariffs range from the various providers – as of today – from around 15 euros to 65 euros. Making calls is no longer free either. Possibility: Do without a landline at home and get the right one Cell phone tariff Reserve.

  3. Office furniture

    Large desk, ergonomic office chair, bright table lamp, office plants, maybe even standing desk – things that you have to leave behind in the office. Furniture, utensils, decorative objects can be booked in the “One-off investments” section. This also includes – if not already available – File binders, hole punches, staplers and similar.

  4. Self-marketing

    Important point: As a freelancer, the marketing infrastructure of your company is no longer available to you. So you should carefully consider how you will attract customers in the future. One own homepage about would have to be designed and hosted (for about 10 euros a month). New business cards could be designed and printed. Maybe you want a little too SEO or direct marketing operate, or a few in the classic way Flyer distribute in the neighborhood. All of this costs money. Allow an amount for your marketing budget.

  5. Food

    The main thing that comes to mind here is corporate coffee, which is now inedible for you. New Capsules, pads or beans have to buy them yourself now – a not so cheap pleasure at all. The fruit bowl no longer fills up on its own either. The pizza trays that the boss used to order are no longer there either. No Free tea bags, sugar, toilet paper, filter bags. And the drinks fall away: Fassbrause, mineral water, after-work beer. Tip from the eco-conscience: Drink tap water at home and ignore the economic-ecological madness called plastic bottle water in the supermarket.

  6. Office supplies

    The technical requirement does not necessarily end with laptops and smartphones. A printer might use them, possibly even one scanner (but is probably superfluous). And what you need to keep topping up: Printer cartridges, printer paper, notepads, post-its, fountain pens or ballpoint pens, light bulbs. Recurring costs that you can no longer pass on to the company.

  7. energy

    If you work away from home, the energy requirements of your apartment are manageable, provided no one else is at home. If you are at home during the day, the tap runs regularly, the lights are on, the radio hums. Also in active mode: Cooker, television, coffee maker, kettle, chargers and and and. In other words: you power consumption increases noticeably. Keep an eye on consumption and costs. Positive: It is very easy to switch providers today – also thanks to the various comparison portals.

  8. to travel

    Conferences or fairs have visited you so far at company expense. Not any longer longer. This is all the more regrettable because as a lone fighter you are all the more dependent on contacts. The costs incurred – this includes, for example Arrival, accommodation, admission – you now have to lift yourself. The broad field of further training also wants to be plowed. Be sure to plan a budget for training courses and seminars. Cost dampers: There are already a large number of reasonable free offers online.

  9. fitness

    The voucher for Gym is part of the standard benefit kit in many places. Now you have to put your own money on the counter. The cheap chains start at 20 euros per month. Those who want to train more dignified pay up to 100 euros. Alternative 1: You buy the devices you need yourself – Ergometer, dumbbells or rowing machine – and can practically train at home next to the desk. Disadvantage: high acquisition costs and space requirements. Therefore alternative 2: You jog through the park, do exercises with your own body weight and only have to pay for Jogging shoes and sportswear take into account.

  10. Friendship cultivation

    If you no longer see your colleagues every day, you have to meet with them privately – if you want to at all. In any case, the lack of personal exchange could trigger the urge to socialize in you. Maintaining friendship in bars, pubs and cafés costs – like almost everything in life – money.

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