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Many people today associate numerous activities with retirement – the popular saying that pensioners are always fully booked is no coincidence – but in most cases work is not one of them. Travel, relax, enjoy retirement or pursue hobbies and do things for which there was previously no time. Pensioners and senior citizens are far from being scrapped and often do not want to turn their backs on working life. You don’t have to, because there are numerous Jobs for retirees and there are still many possibilities in old age …

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Jobs for retirees: more gainful employment in old age

Compared to the total number of retirees in Germany, which is now around 21 million, the number of those who are gainfully employed in retirement is apparently quite low. But still in this country are around 1.4 million retirees still employed. This corresponds to a share of 6.67 percent, but you have to bear in mind that these almost one and a half million people in Germany continue to work after reaching retirement age.

This number has also grown in recent years. Often the Old-age poverty blamed but only focusing on neglecting other factors. So must he too Demographic change must be taken into account. People are getting older and are even healthier, more motivated and more productive in old age. And if there are more people of retirement age, there will be more employed retirees in absolute terms, even if the percentage may have changed little over the years.

Most of the jobs for retirees, according to the study, are mini-jobs that are more than 47 percent turn off. Not to be neglected, however, is the proportion of senior citizens who continue to work independently. After all, around 25 percent and thus one in four working retirees works from self-employment.

Jobs for seniors: experience and expertise are valuable

Companies are a little ambivalent towards senior citizens and retirees: On the one hand, older employees are all too often exchanged for younger – and cheaper – colleagues. On the other hand, former employees and retirees are considered Senior consultants, consultants or sparring partners coveted and valued in many industries.

This opens up a number of job opportunities for senior citizens and retirees. For example, you can return to your former employer as a freelance consultant, accompany projects or work in the Training the next generation of employees and professionals contribute.

The latter is particularly possible with educational institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, private educational institutions, vocational schools and similar institutions. Depending on their qualifications, senior citizens and retirees may have to acquire the didactic or pedagogical qualification beforehand – for example, take the trainer aptitude test, but then they can fully contribute their experience and skills to the training of new skilled workers.

Setting up a pensioner: the chances are good

In addition to working for a company, there is of course the possibility of starting your own company. For example, a few years ago Spiegel Online reported on two older founders who had successfully started their own business with quite unusual business ideas.

Both examples clearly show that the founders benefit from their advanced age in several ways. This is the conclusion reached by an analysis by the US data analyst Mattermark. Of course, American numbers and ratios cannot be transferred one-to-one to Germany, but it has been shown that older founders have some advantages. They…

  • have over the course of their careers numerous crises and difficult projects experienced and can deal better with problems that arise.
  • see a lot more calmly and can therefore calmly and carefully react to events.
  • can on your extensive professional experience To fall back on.
  • often have a excellent (professional) networkthat they can use for their foundation and the new company.

In addition, they – at least for some of the current generation of pensioners – often have the necessary financial resourcesto get the company started. However, seniors should not rely purely on experience when starting a business.

Numerous formal factors can play a role in setting up a company. Hence it takes a lot of information and, in case of doubt, advice and help from experts.

Information on founding

Seniors should also get comprehensive information and advice before setting up a company. The most important tips and information can be found here:

Smaller jobs for retirees and seniors

However, if you only want to earn a few euros in retirement, you may not be interested in a consulting job or in starting your own company. It is not uncommon for seniors to also feel the desire to be for the common good to get involved or to take on tasks that have nothing to do with their original job. Mini jobs can be the answer.

Special job exchanges and portals for seniors can help with the search. Examples are the German senior portal or the portal with the somewhat peculiar name Rent-a-Pensionner.

All offers offer the opportunity to search specifically for jobs for retirees and tasks for seniors. In addition to these options, seniors can also respond to and use local neighborhood help, tenders from church and social organizations or similar institutions.

The pay in this area is usually manageable, but the successes and the effect of the work are usually immediately visible and seniors can participate in social projects. This is where the senior citizens’ life experience and human abilities come into their own.

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