Part-time work: More flexible working hours for the self-employed


What does part-time work mean in self-employment?

Definition: From self-employed Part-time work is when the self-employed regularly work less than the legal norm. Part-time employment enables self-employed people to use their To organize working hours more freely and flexibly.

Appropriate small businesses can mostly for little money and with little effort to be founded. Many of these business concepts are first implemented from the home office, which further lowers the initial investment and saves trips to work.

Part-time employment is organizationally achieved by the self-employed

  • Establishing fixed working hours that only make up part of the full working hours
  • a work assignment as required, which depends on the incoming orders
  • Reduction to working days on which you can work full-time
  • uniform reduction in working hours over the entire week

Is part-time work even suitable for Self-employed?

Starting a part-time business gives entrepreneurs the chance to intensively test a business idea and their own entrepreneurial skills. In this way, entrepreneurs gather the necessary business experience and gain self-confidence with regard to the acceptance of their offer in the market before they base their entire economic existence on it. Older microcensus studies suggest that the Half of all part-time start-ups become full-time companies within five years to develop.

Further advantages of a self-employed part-time job:

  • Allocation of work as required by the order situation
  • Work on demand over different periods of time
  • Sufficient time for private or professional tasks
  • Voluntary lifestyle simplification (downshifting)
  • Reduction of stress and health problems
  • Smooth transition to full employment
  • Smooth transition to retirement
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It is predominantly women with underage children who as Part-time self-employed Act. But this form of independence is also ideal for parents who want to reconcile childcare and jobs. Part-time students gain their first professional experience in order to be able to start their careers with a university degree. Part-time housewives and the unemployed acquire new qualifications and experience to help them get back to work.

If employees have another self-employed part-time job in addition to their main job, this is also called part-time self-employment designated.

Legal regulations for part-time or small start-ups

Part-time businesses can be used as one-man business established quickly and easily by starting a commercial or craft enterprise or taking up a freelance activity. If several people get together when founding a company, one is created automatically Civil Law Society (GbR). Commercial and manual activities must be registered with the trade office, whereas a tax number must be applied for from the tax office for freelance activities.

Every company registered with the competent trade office is inevitable Member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) or Chamber of Crafts (HWK). The fees to be raised are based on the performance and income of the member, whereby small businesses are exempt from fees in certain cases.

Once small businesses use the statutory allowances exceed, they have to pay income tax and trade tax, whereby the latter tax does not apply to freelancers. When it comes to sales tax, part-time self-employed people can choose the so-called small business regulation (Section 19 Sales Tax Act).

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Personal protection for part-time entrepreneurs

Self employed need for their Health, pensions, long-term care insurance usually come up yourself. This also applies to part-time or small businesses if the self-employed activity is classified as full-time by the health insurance company. For this reason, the respective Health insurance informed in advance about the start-up project and the future amount of any contributions will be clarified.

For some self-employed activities Compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance. This applies to self-employed teachers, artists and publicists, among others. A list of self-employed persons subject to compulsory insurance can be found in Section 2 of the Social Code VI.

If the income earned with self-employed part-time employment is too low to secure a livelihood with it, then it can in addition to unemployment benefit II be requested. In this case, social security for the part-time entrepreneur is also provided.

Can franchise businesses also be operated part-time?

Part-time work tends to be the exception among franchisees in view of the considerable training and support required by the system headquarters. Since franchise systems are usually geared towards optimal market coverage and economic expansion, franchisors attach great importance to a strong commitment from their partners. That is why part-time businesses are in franchising rather the exception. Corresponding entrepreneurial activities usually represent a Temporary solution on the way to full-time employment represent.

Regardless of whether a business start-up takes place part-time or full-time, the respective system headquarters will provide professional start-up assistance and a conscientious implementation of the tried and tested franchise concept. This is how entrepreneurs reach out faster and safer than lone warriors their business goals.

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Part-time employment in your own franchise business is also possible Career changers without specialist or industry knowledgeto successfully establish oneself in the market. With very targeted training measures and permanent support in day-to-day business, the “part-time partners” can develop into professional entrepreneurs and market participants.

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