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Tips to Clear Exchange Log Files

Tricks to Clear Trade Log Recordsdata

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Trade log information are very important elements of the server however generally is a hassle when their dimension will increase enormously. Learn this weblog to know points with the log file dimension and the best way to eliminate them

Trade Log Recordsdata

Trade Server holds information like database file, checkpoint file, and log file. Right here, we are going to focus on the Trade log information that document details about each transaction carried out on the server. It may be performed/dedicated to the Trade Server database and used to revive or recuperate from Trade failures. After committing the information to the database from log information, modifications might be rolled again additionally. It’s to be talked about with every recent backup of the Trade Server, log information get eliminated, and new log information start to create.
The primary Trade transaction logs are Diagnostic logs or Well being Supervisor, IIS logs, ETL Recordsdata, and HTTP Proxy logs. With heavy site visitors of knowledge or transactions on the Trade Server, these log information take an excellent quantity of space for storing on the server or the Trade system, which isn’t superb. Allow us to focus on the problems brought on by Trade log information within the subsequent part.

Trade Log File Points

As talked about earlier, attributable to heavy site visitors on the Trade, transaction log information are created and piles up, which takes sufficient area on the server. For Trade 2010 and above variations, Diagnostic Logs or Well being Supervisor, which shops Trade well being info, take space for storing quickly; in some days, if the Trade Server storage capability is already low, ETL information beneath Diagnostics are generated hour by hour, taking over 50MB area at a time with default entry of 100 information; equally IIS log information take up greater than 200MB area and HTTP proxy information can take 10MB of space for storing which, positively must be managed. So one could must clear nearly a GB of space for storing on the server.
Some dangerous results of the piled-up Trade Server log information are poor efficiency, unmounting of Trade database, inaccessibility of server and knowledge, corruption in Trade database, and extra.

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Alternative ways to scrub up Trade Log Recordsdata

The easiest way to cope with the problem of log information taking up Trade Server storage is to scrub up these log information. We suggest a number of methods to try this additional on this weblog.

Delete it manually

  1. Deleting Diagnostic Logs:
    • On the Trade system, run companies.msc from the Home windows run field.
    • Seek for the service and double-click on it.
    • Modify the startup as disabled and cease this service.
    • Carry out comparable steps for the Microsoft Trade Diagnostics service.
    • Subsequent, open the Job Scheduler on the Trade system and navigate to Microsoft>Home windows>PLA.
    • On the suitable panel, cease the 2 working duties and disable them.
    • Now, go to C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15LoggingDiagnostic and delete all logs obtainable in DailyPerformanceLogs and PerformanceLogsToBeProcessed folders.
  2. Delete ETL information:
    • Navigate to the situation –

      C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15BinSearchCeresDiagnosticsETLTraces

      Choose and delete all of the obtainable log information inside that folder.

    • Subsequent, transfer to this location –

      C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15BinSearchCeresDiagnosticsLogs

      Choose and delete all of the log information throughout the folder completely.

  3. Delete IIS information:
    Transfer to the next path places and delete log information inside them.

    C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15LoggingRpcHttp

  4. Delete HTTP Proxy Logs:
    Discover out the folder on this location and deleted the obtainable log information in it.

    C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15LoggingHttpProxy

With VSS Backup Script

It’s one other option to eliminate Trade log information. As talked about earlier, with a full backup of the Trade database, log information get truncated mechanically. The directors can strive working the VSS Backup trick, which makes use of the Shadow copies performance to create a snapshot for the drive throughout the set up of the Trade Server. This motion will truncate the log information, and the instructions within the sequence which the administrator must run within the Command Immediate window are as follows.

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PS C:> diskshadow
DISKSHADOW> add quantity c:
DISKSHADOW> start backup
DISKSHADOW> finish backup

Allow Round Logging

Trade directors can even make the most of the Round Logging operate and allow it to show off transaction logs and delete the outdated logs. It actually means deleting Trade log information on a rotational or round foundation when the disk area reaches the restrict. Thus, it helps in saving the exhausting disk area truly. Study enabling round logging in Trade 2010.

Use CleanupLogs.ps1 script

To clear change logs for variations like Trade 2013 and above variations, CleanupLogs.ps1 script can be utilized within the Trade Administration Shell as follows.
Copy this script given beneath to a .txt file and put it aside as CleanupLogs.ps1 file title.

# Set execution coverage if not set
$ExecutionPolicy = Get-ExecutionPolicy
if ($ExecutionPolicy -ne “RemoteSigned”) {
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Pressure

# Set execution coverage if not set$ExecutionPolicy = Get-ExecutionPolicyif ($ExecutionPolicy -ne “RemoteSigned”) {Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Pressure

# Cleanup logs older than the set of days in numbers
$days = 2

# Path of the logs that you just wish to cleanup
$IISLogPath = “C:inetpublogsLogFiles”
$ExchangeLoggingPath = “C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15Logging”
$ETLLoggingPath = “C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15BinSearchCeresDiagnosticsETLTraces”
$ETLLoggingPath2 = “C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15BinSearchCeresDiagnosticsLogs”

# Clear the logs
Perform CleanLogfiles($TargetFolder) {
Write-Host -Debug -ForegroundColor Yellow -BackgroundColor Cyan $TargetFolder

if (Check-Path $TargetFolder) {
$Now = Get-Date
$LastWrite = $Now.AddDays(-$days)
$Recordsdata = Get-ChildItem $TargetFolder -Recurse | The place-Object { $_.Identify -like “*.log” -or $_.Identify -like “*.blg” -or $_.Identify -like “*.etl” } | The place-Object { $_.lastWriteTime -le “$lastwrite” } | Choose-Object FullName
foreach ($File in $Recordsdata) out-null

Else {
Write-Host “The folder $TargetFolder doesn’t exist! Check the folder path!” -ForegroundColor “red”

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Within the above script, you possibly can modify the variety of days ($days =) as per your selection. Save this script file at C:scripts path location on the Trade system after which present account permissions to those folders –

C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15Logging
C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15BinSearchCeresDiagnosticsETLTraces
C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15BinSearchCeresDiagnosticsLogs

Now, have an account on the obtainable disk area on the server, right-click on the script file, and choose run with the PowerShell possibility. As soon as the script has run efficiently, examine the disk area once more for discount this time.

By Home windows Server backup

Home windows Server Backup is an inbuilt utility supplied by Microsoft that enables Trade server database backup and restore with an Trade plug-in. It’s used for creating VSS-based Trade knowledge backups and thus truncate log information. Know the best way to backup/restore Trade 2016 utilizing Home windows Server backup.

So, now we all know the best way to cope with log information consuming up the Trade server system disk area. But when the harm is already carried out, i.e., the Trade database is inaccessible now attributable to corruption, we obtained a everlasting answer for you within the type of an expert Trade restoration device. Kernel for Trade Server can recuperate corrupt, broken Trade database content material rapidly and export it to the specified vacation spot or file format. Go to the official web site hyperlink to get each element in regards to the device.


Trade Server log information could cause various kinds of points after they pile up on the server. This piling up might be managed in several methods. But when your complete Trade database is corrupt, it’s possible you’ll want these log information to recuperate the misplaced knowledge. However in case you use an expert Trade restoration device, you possibly can recuperate the information with out log information.


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